Inspired by the experience of male saunas, Dédale is a celebration of the male body, a contemplative opportunity for an audience to witness gentle relations between men. Smooth, undulating and interlacing bodies slowly move on stage, quoting some master pieces of the Art History. A deeply meditative and poetic experience, Dédale and its four performers will take you to unexpected territories.


Duration: 25min

Performers: Mario Barrantes Espinoza, Mohamed Boujarra, Jordan Deschamps, Csenger Szabo

Creation: Charlie Brittain, Jordan Deschamps, Rudi Natterer, Mufutau Yussuf

Music: Djivan Gasparian

Lights: Jordan Deschamps, Beno Novak

Stage Manager: Mathieu Mélo

Première: 27/06/2016 Josef Eckart Theatre, Salzburg-Austria

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Video Credits : Nathalie Baert®

1 King, 2 Twins on a horse and the others

Imagine that you are climbing up a hill, on a summer night, lying on the grass and looking up to the sky, and let yourself forget about time... The piece is a choreographic meeting between astronomy and astrology in order to establish a night sky contemplation. The 12 dancers impersonate each of the signs of the zodiac and move in space respecting some astronomical rules.  It results in a very visual, mesmerizing, intriguing, circular and hypnotic dance piece where you actually get the chance to loose any notion of time.


Duration: 35 min

Creation and performance: Barbara Bardaka, Laura Beschi, Indira Chamale, Erik Elizondo, Soraya Emery, Patricia Hastewell, Mate Horvat, Luis Lopez, Dunya Narli, Tilly Sordat, Giulia Tornarolli, Evelyne de Weerdt

Music creation: Donald Beteille, Jordan Deschamps

Lights: Jordan Deschamps

Premiere: 10/02/2016 in Republik Theatre, Salzburg-Autriche, “New Faces New Dances festival”.

Video Credits : SenrorEye Production.  Trailer : Nathalie Baert®


Daedalus is the first version of "Dédale". Created 2 years before and with 6 dancers, its format is short (10 min). For more informations regarding the piece description, please see "Dédale" one.


Duration: 10min

Creation and performance: Jordan Deschamps, Raul Marquez, Rudi Natterer, Elton Petri, Federico Valenti, Mufutau Yussuf

Music: "Casta Diva" Bellini sang par Maria Callas.

Premiere: 24/06/2015 Junge Kunst Parcours, Vienna - Autriche

Video Credits : SenrorEye Production.  Trailer : Nathalie Baert®